Need help in India, Goa

  • Hello, community!
    Can someone help us with our project in India, Goa in mid October - November?

  • Workshop Instructor

    HI Vaskatabaska,

    I'm a certified domegaia instructor I would love to help with your project in Goa.
    email me


  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @Vaskatabaska Please tell us more about your project. What are you wanting to create? What is your place like? What would you like to offer someone like Joshua if they were able to provide help?

  • Yes, sure!

    So we are planning to start the building of dome sauna in India in the middle of October. So we need someone to build the dome itself. I am not sure about the exact size, but it’s not gonna be very big.

    So actually I wanted to find builders and to know their requirements for a project like that. How much it would cost and how long it’s gonna take, do we need to provide with special equipment? Maybe someone is already in India or planning to come so we can cooperate.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @Vaskatabaska There is an aircrete dome student in Mumbai who has aircrete equipment. Please share more about the nature of your project and I will pass the information to him ( @soundtech how would you feel about that?). Is this a personal project or a group project? Can you provide photos of the actual building site, and of the surrounding areas? What is the story behind the project?

  • @Zander
    Thank you for your help! That would be so nice if you could connect me with this person in Mumbai.

    About the project. It is going to be a sauna, caffe and chill place in Goa. We are a group of people starting this project. One of us will be in India in September finding a place for it and doing all the documents for that. That’s why I don’t have any pictures of the land yet. The reason I am looking for a person now is because when the land is ready, we want to start building straight away without losing time so that we can open the place by the beginning of the high season in Goa.

    If you ever been to Thailand, Koh Phangan, there is a sauna place called The Dome. There are two domes made of concrete. But I got really inspired with aircrete. I am already thinking about joining one of your workshops in the future 🙂

    The idea is to make the similar place like in Thailand, with sauna, some food, fireplace, special events, that will operate in high season. So I am looking for a person who will build the dome itself.

    I think this is pretty much it I can tell at this moment about the project. If someone could help us, especially if someone is in India at the moment, please let me know. I appreciate your help so much ☺️

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @Vaskatabaska I have forwarded your information to the person I mentioned in Mumbai.

  • Workshop Instructor

    @Zander @Vaskatabaska

    Please reach out to the guy in Mumbai, if you want any more help I have worked on a few different builds and would love to see India so we could work out pay or trade as I would travel the country after. I also can do an onsite person training for you and your builders.

  • Hello Vaskatabaska,
    I will be doing a workshop in Portugal which ends on 25th of Sept. Once I am back to India we can catch up and have a chat about the project. I am from Mumbai and do come often to Goa...send me your contact details.


  • Hi Mekaal,

    Have you assisted or started any projects in India? I am curious as I am planning to but little dragon myself to build a farm house near Amaravati, AP.


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