Set Time

  • When an instructor puts a workshop, what is the time interval between pouring to cutting and cutting to being able to use the brick in the building?

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I remember hearing that cutting usually happens 12-24 hours after the pour. There are various factors that affect drying time such as the thickness of the blocks and weather conditions. I also recall hearing that as soon as the bricks are cut they are ready to build with. It has been suggested that building with partially cured* bricks may allow the mortar to bond better with the bricks, creating a more "monolithic" structure.

    *Complete curing takes up to 30 days, I'm told.

  • Workshop Instructor

    When the blocks are big - 44 inch long 12 tall and 4-5 inches thick (cut into 4 usable blocks) we wait 24-48 hours before moving them or cutting them... longer if possible.

    When a single block is poured it can be carefully removed between 12-24 hours.

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