Little dragon assembly issue

  • When assembling the little dragon I ran into issues on step 6 page 4. It says "assemble the valve through hole in HDPE rear plate". It also says that it should be a tight fit yet it's extremely loose. How are you supposed to attach the valves, and how are we supposed to get a tight fit?

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    In this step we are connecting the regulator valve to the solenoid valve. They are attached to each other via a small brass nipple and secured with a lock washer. This assembly is put together through the HDPE plate for mounting purposes. The three main factors to consider when tightening are:

    • Screw the valves tight enough together to engage the lockwasher
    • Stop tightening at a point where the regulator dial is facing up for easy viewing
    • Overtightening (any turning after the lockwasher is fully compressed) may break the brass nipple.

    Please watch this video from 1:00 to 1:40

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Each time the dial is in the up position I check to see if the lockwasher has started to compress. When the dial is up and I see that the lock washer is compressed more than 25% I stop. Done. Next step.

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