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    How I feel about building codes and the difficulties presented when it comes to building with AirCrete. I feel this is going to become the way of the future as the climate changes for the worse. The damage we have wrought has already been done. It will take many centuries after you and I have gone for the earth to re balance and even this may not be the outcome. To think that humankind is missing its chance is a very humbling experience. Especially when the answer is right there before every living soul.

    Surface winds will continue to increase. Temperatures will continue to rise and we will have no choice but to adapt. Aircrete and the dome provides us with a structure that can help all of us along this path.

    I witnessed the devastation in the Puerto Rico. The first thing I thought is when they rebuild they will ultimately rebuild structures that will not withstand the next big hurricane. Perhaps this is planned obsolescence. Those who are affected will be devastated financially.

    As I watch the fires destroy homes in California I am humbly reminded that this material might not burn and many might still have homes.

    Yes it is difficult to overcome the vast bureaucracy involved in building codes. In a way we are pioneers as we push forward. Keep pushing. It will be worth it in the end.

  • @Brian-Spooner

    Great thoughts Brian. I tried to reply to Jenny about building in the desert. I think the biggest obstacle is getting American cities to accept Aircrete as a reliable building material. It seems to be well accepted in Europe, but they also have very controlled manufacturing standards where the ratios of materials, and baking of the blocks create very standardized strong material. Also, building anything with concrete demands steel rebar in California, so, again, with the dome, a structural engineer would be required to show the DomeGaia model will be strong enough to handle an earthquake.

  • Little Dragon Tamer Major Contributor

    Perhaps it is time for us to find a structural engineer to help pave the way going forward? Ultimately the truth lies somewhere between the engineer and greed. As it is now the timber industry stands to loose and has lobbied to make laws that keep them in a position to thrive. This along with the steel industry and several other monopolies. These are the bigger part of the impasse when it comes to building with Aircrete. We people now must decide; Humanity vs Extinction. Our politicians have enslaved many both wittingly and unwittingly and by fear of law reversed the will of almost every man and woman on the planet. I cannot readily solve this difficulty nor can I fix California. Here where I am however I am free to build. Thus build I shall. If they attempt to block the way I would still build. whatever it takes. I would like to close this by illuminating something I have learned well. i started out as a wrangler. A big part of my duty was to get up early saddle up and go retrieve a large remuda of horses (Alone) I would move those horses down a mountain and into a small coral where they would be made ready for work. I learned quick that if the remuda did not want to go into that coral it was a great trick to get them in. We as people have allowed a select few politicians and lawmakers to force us into such a coral and the gate is all but shut. Perhaps we might learn from those horses and buck. Should we ever in mass do so the coral gate will fall and no politician will ever stop us again. We could all become the change that many seek. Imagine what can be then seek it out :) Cheers Steve and be encouraged not discouraged.

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