Holistic Proyect in Tulum (Mexico)

  • Little Dragon Tamer Workshop Graduate

    Hello everyone!!
    We are going to start the construction phase for a holistic center in Tulum (Mexico), one of the most beautifull and pop places in the Caribe.
    For the beginning of the 2019, we welcome to all the builders and artist of plastic desing who want to collaborate with us and share ideas and vision.
    There is still nothing already build in the property, and the first phase will be build some single aircrete domes, but at the same time other structures with wood and ferrocement.
    So any skills are welcome here!!

  • Hola :)
    I have been talking to many people in Tulum about aircrete and your aproach and intention. There is alot of interest in learning and building homes in the comunity. Maybe we can join forces and bring a workshop and make this happen.

  • Little Dragon Tamer Workshop Graduate

    Lets have a talk then by email: martindiezsergio@gmail.com

  • Little Dragon Tamer Workshop Graduate

    My name is Ignacio Acuña. I am an experienced builder/designer, and woodworker. I would love to help if I can. My strength is in the finish. I could do your doors, windows, skylights, shelving, desk, or anything requiring wood. I have attended a workshop, and instructed in Portugal. Please refer to my posting here on the forum as builder looking for project. My Instagram is: acuna.designs. I'm also fluent in English and Spanish.
    Thank You,
    Ignacio Acuna
    (415) 939-5237

  • Hello there , I am very interested in helping . I can stay start to finish. Please call me or text me at+18083334824

  • Hello,
    This is kyle, i would love to be apart of your aircrete and building party! I have been a builder for 17 years and have skill in all the above for building homes. I would love to help with design. I am realy good with wood and custom wood design. Doors, window, arches, huge drums, anything creative. Making big bells, sacred stucture, ascension designs.
    Please call text or send me an email. 928 592 3309. Stardreamart@gmail.com

  • @martin10 Hello, I am a graduate of Dome Gaia's workshop and also completed a cobb building workshop in Nth California. I may be in that area early in January. If you still need help, I'd be happy to come work and help.