determining density

  • What methods are commonly used for determining density?
    I've been wrapping my first blocks in a garbage bag and submersing them in water then measuring the water displaced.

  • @Brian-Spooner about 400 kg/cubic meter or about 25 lbs/cubic foot.
    And yes I used water displacement.
    High tech tools-
    A garbage bag to "protect" the block
    a 30 yr old food scale to weigh the block
    an empty Kitty Litter pail that holds about 6 gallons
    a measuring cup to determine how much water was displaced.

    I checked the scale by weighing a half gallon of water (~4.2lbs, a US liquid gallon of water weighs about 8.34 pounds at 17°C )
    I filled the bucket to the rim until it started to overflow
    put the bagged block in forcing it down to submerge it, and and let the water overflow
    refilled the bucket measuring water to refill

    known problem areas - the volume of the plastic bag, accuracy of the scale, compensation for temperature and probably many unknown problems.

    But my blocks didn't come out perfect cubes and I wanted to get some measurement of density before I went on a trip.

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    @Brian-Spooner: if so What did you get as an answer?

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    My man your going all out on densitly lol I am almost seeing Archamidies albiet, the eureka moment that might get you on the front page/ On a serious note: did you use water displacement to get the figure?