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    Hello all,

    I'm an experienced Aircrete Dome builder, I am a certified DomeGaia Instructor.
    I can remotely consult, onsite consulting, conduct builder training or do a full build.

    I'm the one in the middle with the hat on....
    alt text

    alt text
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  • Hey Marco, Awesome build. Question, have you backfilled dirt over the unit? At most I would have 12 inches on top. Has this technology been approved in USA LOCATIONS BEFORE.?
    I need either one double size for here, and covered. I'll plant grass and vines to hold soil. Use goat to maintain it. Lol.

    I will then build multiple double size. Connected in Philippines. Doubt they will be covered. It will be near cool location near Tagatay, south main island, higher altitude than most of the island. I will move multifamily in to share.

    Please respond to (altonddavisjr@yahoo.com).
    Humble Regards!


  • I'd like to host an aircrete dome building workshop on land in Baja, Mexico, in Los Barilles. I've contacted the Dome Gaia crew but they have been really slow in getting back to us. Would you be interested in teaching a workshop down there this winter?