Aircrete on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia

  • Hi Everyone :-)

    I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. My husband and I are thinking of using aircrete to build a home. We have built a recycled timer home on our property, he is a plumber and pretty capable. Is there anyone around this area that has built using this method that we could talk to???

    Thank you!!

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @erin I have a machine do you know what detergent and how they work.

  • Hi we are near cowra nsw and are building a dome now.

  • @longgrazz the how to videos are great.
    We are using Earthchoice dishwashing liquid.

  • @cowra1 Thanks for your comment, how is your building going?

  • Hi Erin. I'm building two 3-dome pods on my town block in Longreach Queensland. Each pod contains a bedroom, bathroom and living room dome. It's taken me a year to get plans and have them approved by council - council insisted on plans prepared by a structural engineer. Now I'm trying to get quotes for the footings (full concrete and rebar because the site is on highly reactive clay soils) - but as this is Outback so again the delays are unavoidable but frustrating. I'm hoping to be underway by Easter. I bought up as much Seventh Generation detergent as I could find in Australia, but have also used Trucking Blue, a truck detergent which has a good result and am also trying Earthchoice. I have the Little Dragon foamer and it's a terrific, hard working machine. I also bought the pipe bender from Domegaia but the EMT (electrical metal tubing) used in the US is a lot thinner than the EMT used in Australia (we convened from metal to plastic tubing in the 60s and metal tubing is only used in mines), so the pipe bending will have to be done at a local engineering firm. I'm happy to share info with you and would like to know how you are going.

  • @noni
    We got the tube steel from our local steel suppliers.
    Our single dome bedroom is going well.
    We are central west NSW.
    We use Earthchoice liquid.
    Wish i could upload photos.

  • @Erin
    Fantastic now.
    3/4 built. Had some challenges with extreme heat.
    And wombats.
    But going great guns now.

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