Air Mortar Recipe

  • I am going to be using the air mortar recipe as per Dome Gaia favourite recipes, but I am having a hard time finding the Sika latex bonding agent or any other one like it where I live. I do find lots of acrylic bonding agents for concrete. Would they work the same way than the latex one?
    Anybody knows if the chemical composition or how they are made will do much of different for the purposes of joining bricks and infusing the fabric to cover the dome?

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @juanconhambre I see a lot of debate, art, and opinon on the subject of acrylic/latex cement additives. My understanding is that there is even quite a bit of confusion and mis-use of the terms, latex and acrylic. DomeGaia's favorite recipes are the ones that we've tested and are confident using, but there is a lot of room for personal preference, experimentation, and debate about these recipes. Here's an interesting article on the subject: An Overview of Bonding Agents in Decorative Concrete

  • @Zander Thanks, it was a good article I will try out the acrylic bonding agent if I cant get the latex one. I have been very succesfull using your recomendations so I will continue to do so, but like you said it isnt bad to try new things.

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