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  • Just ordered the parts from the wicvalve... planned on doing this way back when we last spoke but been distracted and -- as usual, sick...

    You said I should be able to use a different pump from harbor freight or some local place for less money & keep the total cost for the diy version of little dragon under $100 (+/-)...

    Which pump would ya recommend, then, and what kind of pump can be used tomove the finished (slurry mixed with foam) product into molds?

    I hope to come up with a few different molds but if you have any or sources (low cost), it would be very helpful and very appreciated...

    We have a lot of plans / ideas... the 1st test to pass will be to get the recipe right... I aim to follow your guidance that I am thus far familiar with... religiously...as I have seen the youtube videos of others trying different recipes than what you called for... just a big mess... & I think it was posted to make you (green dragon) look bad.

    Do you have any cured samples of air crete -- a block or something that you can send me? It would definitely be helpful in the beginning -- to have something with which to compare my air crete ... to make sure I'm doing it right!

    Thanks and you already have my info...

  • I didn't recommend a Harbor Frieght pump. The only pump I recommend it our Aquatech pump. You get what you pay for. Our Aquatec pump is the best pump I found. You'll have to do your own research if you want to try another.
    I hope to post more information about mold making before too long.

  • @hajjargibran

    After asking these questions before and seeing they go unanswered, I assume you are either speed reading or intentionally ignoring them, but either way, here goes again:

    What sort of pump would ya recommend for moving the aircrete from the barrel where mixed into a mold? I have a bad back -- among other issues, and I cannot move the heavy material around...

    As far as the pump you sell, I asked you about it by phone a while back and you most definitely did tell me that an inferior pump would work and could be purchased at some local place like Harbor Freight for less money & the entire DIY version of the little dragon could be done for give or take $100...

    I proceeded to buy the plans based on that conversation... that was right after you returned from your Mexico workshop.

    The plans do not reveal the type of pump, however, and it seems you were careful to not display the model of the pump... I don't have a problem with buying the pump from you except I just wanna build it as inexpensively as possible...

    • you didn't have any in stock at that time...

    Do you have any in stock at this time?


  • I haven't pumped aircrete but I know a lot of companies do. Any pump designed to pump mortar, or concrete would work. There are piston pumps, screw pumps, peristaltic pumps. A trash pump may work also.
    I'm sure you can make a foam generator out of a cheap water pump, I just don't recommend any specific pump. There are too many choices and non of them are as good as the Aquatec pump model PDP5853, 1.5 gpm @ 90 psi. Aquatec makes it special to our specifications. The plans you purchase provide the information you need to understand how it works. If you are so inclined and knowedgable you can modifiy the design to work with other pumps. If you dont' feel qualified to do that, I suggest you simply buy one of our Aquatec pumps. They are the best quality pump I know of and have a 1 year replacement guarantee.

  • Hello, I am looking to build one in the UK. I am looking to order locally (for faster delivery) a Aquatec pump model PDP5853, 1.5 gpm @ 90 psi. The 115V pumps models are 1.5 gpm but listed only up to 70 PSI. For the 230V are 1.4 gpm or 1.7 gpm and both up to 70 PSI.
    Please advise how do you get 90 PSI with PDP5800 and which one to use for 230V, the 1.4 or 1.7 gpm?
    115V - http://www.aquatec.com/documents/downloads/5800 Series 115VAC 1.5 GPM.pdf
    230V 1.4 gpm - http://www.aquatec.com/documents/downloads/5800 Series 230VAC 1.4 GPM.pdf
    230V 1.7 gpm -
    http://www.aquatec.com/documents/downloads/5800 Series 230VAC 1.7 GPM.pdf
    General link -
    Thank you

  • @hajjargibran
    I was using my little dragon for only the 4th or 5th time tonight and the pump suddenly jammed and stopped just as we were about to begin mixing. 30 bucks of crete in the garbage, but more importantly, my pump. I unscrewed the end and the magnet around the copper was cracked! It's completely broken. It is claimed in this forum that these pumps were chosen for several reasons, including it's 1year warranty. How would I go about claiming my warranty and replacement. I purchased your kit with the the pump included, not from the manufacturer or a dealer. You purchased it. What can be done?

  • @MADE Made, I'm happy to say that we almost never have problems with the pumps. I see that your pump is only 7 or 8 months old, so we will send you out a replacement as soon as possible. We will sort out warranty details with Aquatech later. -Zander

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