Trying new Air Crete Gun

  • I have added a slurry pump to my dragon foam generator. I figured I was collapsing a lot of the foam when mixing the slurry in. Now I have modified my generator to where the Portland slurry is introduced at the same time the foam concentrate is injected.

    Had a trial run with some old left over portland and did pretty well. I made a few modifications and hope to retest sometime this week. If it works it saves a lot of labor and should be able to do a 94 lb bag in about 8 minutes.:dragon:

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    @wlschenk said in Trying new Air Crete Gun:

    slurry pump

    Would you share more details about the pump.

  • @gemniii it is an old 3/8" high pressure pump I used to water my Chameleons when I raised them. I have to pick up 1 more fitting before I can test again. I'm hoping it works because the mixing slurry and foam separate doesn't make sense to me. Just my opinion.

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    Most Little Dragon owners on this forum would be very interested if you devised a reliable yet affordable method for doing this. Please consider including photos or videos. We wait with baited breath.

  • @Zander Can't get my pix from smart phone to desk top to post. Can ya help an old man out?

  • I'm also mixing the slurry at the 7.5 gal to 94lb portland. I use the soap/foam concentrate to mix the slurry. I believe the soap helps lubricate the slurry through the line and injector. ALWAYS run clean water through your slurry line and through the injector when you finish a run.

  • @wlschenk0_1536752010252_010.JPG 0_1536752044079_008.JPG 0_1536752114729_006.JPG

    It is a 1/2" brass Tee with the slurry line 3/8" ID 1/2"OD a 1/2" to 3/8" OD foam concentrate line (Shark Bite)

    The slurry pump I'm using is a 3/8" high pressure pump 90 psi. The end of the foaming gun has a brass 1/2" to 3/8" reducer bushing. I have to pick up a 1/2" X 3/8" barbed fitting to replace the one shark bite on the slurry. Grabbed the wrong line to work with shark bite.

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    @wlschenk Looks great.
    Seems every darn time I just about finish a "gun" build someone comes up with a better gun!

    Back to the parts bin!

  • Hi folks. Thanks for doing all the work with aircrete. I ended up using a 32:1 suave shampoo for foaming agent. Unfortunately I did not weigh the foam. I was having difficulty getting a decent foam. My water supply is very acidic and very soft. I started over with this design. The soap solution is injected at the end of the gun and air is injected at the bottom of the u shape. My thought is injecting the air into a chamber flooded with soap solution would be better than end feeding both the air and soap solution at the same entry point. Looking right to left Beginning at the top of the second leg the u to the exit end of the gun I packed Stainless steel scrub pads very tightly. The exit hole of the gun is 1/4 inch. It seemed to me that the flow rate of air was less using this design. I am just throwing this design out there. I did not do any quantitative measurements only eyeballing my results. I believe that packing the SS pad very tightly drastically decreased my required airflow rates. It should be noted I have not actually produced any aircrete yet.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

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    It should be noted I have not actually produced any aircrete yet.

    Well it looks like your ready to. Nice looking foam. Nice movies too.

  • While sitting at the doctor's office with my wife I figured it takes 10.24 oz of water per pound of portland. This is for people that want to test smaller batches. or buy smaller than 94 lb bags.

  • Hi,
    I'm new to aircrete and this forum; but I'm planning to build an semi-underground structure somewhat of a mix between an earthship and a dome and I think aircrete may be the best solution to all the requirements.
    I'd love to know how your home made mixer/thrower is going as I think something like that will be key...
    Many thanks

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