Dome Builders in central New Mexico wanted for free form projects in the valley & in the mountains near Quemado

  • Looking to put my new Li'l Dragon & mixer to use. Got two acres in the valley, looking at 10+Acres in the mountains. Can provide clean trailer to house small crew. Valley work in cool weather, Mountains in hot season

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    What's the master plan for this disneyland, Sabi? Get me excited. Let's see some pictures of the land, and definitely photos of the trailer.

  • Hi GadinSabi,

    Love NewMexico! (except the winters - too harsh for me)
    When are you planning to start?

    Have my own home on wheels.
    Just need water and electricity.
    Let's chat!

  • Hey hey!

    I’m willing to help, planing on doing the workshop in Tulum, maybe I can help in the near future?

    Let me know!

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @GadinSabi said to me via email:
    I have not sunk a well as yet, that will go in this Spring. The site has a backhoe, electricity and is relatively flat, if uncleared. It is two acres to work with. I wish to do some experimental engineering i.e. balloon construction using steel posts set in concrete foundations with AirCrete as double wall assembly. To facilitate insulation, I will be using 2"x6" forms to pour wall sections standing them up 24" apart, after running the systems ( plumbing, electric, furniture/appliance supports) on the outside of the interior wall. I'll video the procedures and the system layout. I will contact the local universities regarding a testing/ certifying protocol for the wall dimensions, roof load calculations, etc.
    All construction is subject to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). I will contact those authorities as well. It is important to get the procedure certified by a state somewhere, in order to get it in university studies. That will broadcast the technology the fastest, I believe.

  • @spicer , Hello. I don't have any drawings as yet. Also, I have yet to sink a well. I drink from water drawn at the nearby firehouse where I was a volunteer for some years. I have a small adobe with a sunroom, All salvaged and reclaimed materials up to this point. Budgetary not esthetic reasons. Now I'm a happy recipient of a full disability. I still have a chunk of the backpay to work with. I also have a home well drilling kit. Alledged to drill as deep as 200'. I will be sinking the well to get good water for AirCrete. So, if you are interested in economical living, including water as well as structures, this may be of interest to you. I'm looking for partners in creating a sustainable construction business platform. All you need is a strong back, and a curious mind. Some video production & posting skills would be helpful, too. This industry is not in it's infancy; it's being mid-wived into existence now, infancy to come.

  • @bardagger Was offline for sometime, sorry to be long in getting back with the flow. I have two acres and am open to new engineering on AirCrete construction. I'm starting to develope a floatable structure primarily from AirCrete. Need to brainstorm with like minds.

  • Like minds and interested parties can text or call me at 505-991-1736

  • Much of the tests are yet to be undertaken. I live in New Mexico,USA we have an eclectic building code allowing for adobe, straw bale, rammed earth, etc. This state is the home of Earthship biotechure design-fully self sustainable living. Permitted and underwritten (some are pricey little palaces). A village of them near Taos, NM. This state would be amenible to an AirCrete power-point presentation by Mr. Gibran, that would launch AirCrete onto the university curriculum

  • Valley work on well drilling using 150 cfm air compressor driven drill to begin in the early spring. will be trying to nominally terrace the very slight sloping property to bring water as a landscape feature ( small pump recirculating) to the Air-crete testing grounds her in soon to be sunny (again) Sabinal, NM. I will post some pictures. But Spielburg, I'm not.

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    How is that drilling kit going? Curious what the brand is?

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