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    Howdy Michael -
    I'm in Vietnam - not done a workshop, bought an on line course with Alosha - a guy who's involved with domegaia and plan to get building our first dome in first week of November. Just joined this forum and appreciating the info etc.

    Spent my youth building and farming so returning to it is not so daunting - but hey a steep learning curve I imagine lines ahead~

    Thanks for asking Micheal - been following aircrete Harry for a bit (not as long as domegaia but hey .... like his experiments and hints ... helpful).... Hope you can find him, domegaia or someone soon in your neighborhood,


  • I see a Crestone Colorado on the schedule. Anyone know more about this?
    James in Denver

  • Hey all,

    Two of us here in Crestone, would love to attend in Sept, lets make it happen! We have a place to build a dome if a location is needed. This is a perfect community that needs lower income housing solutions. We have no building codes and dozens of creative and non traditional homes. We are a hub for lovely, experimental and eco friendly owner builds. Locals are quickly getting priced out. This could be an answer to our housing issue. Lets do this!

    Trevor and Emily
    Crestone Construction Services

  • @michaelsteven. Was this workshop with eco builders?

  • Hi, all! Are any of you in charge of the potential Crestone workshop, or have more details? I, too, am enrolled in Alosha’s online course...and also feel the need to work hands-on in a guided setting before setting up my own homestead. My living situation is quickly going to change and the time has come to figure out an affordable living option.

    I’m a couple neighborhoods over in Kansas City, so Colorado may be my closest bet (plus, I’ve always dreamed of moving there!). I have heard from other workshop attendees it’s a great way to find similarly-minded support and maybe even a few extra willing hands when the time comes for your own project! In Arizona they have a network like that: once you’re a part of it, you basically trade labor & gain experience whenever you’re able and the time comes to begin your own project. Hope this one pans out!

  • @treblerebel , I'm in the next neighborhood also, Nebraska. We had to relocate from Colorado for a job.
    Haven't moved back yet. What parts of. Kansas. You reside? I am really looking forward to crestone, I did a strawbale workshop there We did a strawbale dome.

  • @treblerebel - Super Cool - co-operation sounds the way to go - saw this guy last night - - Having bought Alsoha's course I wish I'd waited - this guy has been a builder for 30 years and gets to the point quickly - maybe I am just impatient - but I never had the one to one communication promised in Alosha's course ... hands on certainly sounds best and if anyone is building or has built a dome in the UK I'd love to hear from you - or in S.E Asia - All best of luck in NE and KS :)

  • Steve here. There's a workshop scheduled in Crawford, CO from June 18 - 28. The workshops are listed through September, and I don't see Crestone.

    I don't care about the location as long as it's in Colorado. Presumably, a workshop in CO will have more of an emphasis on building for a colder climate.

  • @Jake-C thank you so much for the link! I watched the entire video and it was really helpful hearing that information presented from a different and more concise perspective.

  • @Altitude-High I see they’ve updated their workshop dates and taken the tentative September CO date off the books. Wish it were still on so I could attend! If there were more of a draw/interest for the KC area I’d seriously consider jumping through the hoops to host one. Until then, I’ll keep researching and learning online!

  • @treblerebel Cool~! Happy to hear it helped ...happy building :)

  • How was the CO workshop? Did they offer any tips for building with Aircrete in a colder climate?

  • That is, building for a cold climate. Things like insulating and snow bearing capacity.

  • Workshop Instructor

    @treblerebel if a host could commit with a full deposit and meet hosting criteria then it could happen. Know of any serious interested parties? Please contact me.

  • Workshop Instructor

    @Ignacio-DHOME if you need consulting, I'm available. Contact me at

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