Colorado workshop

  • @michaelsteven. Was this workshop with eco builders?

  • Hi, all! Are any of you in charge of the potential Crestone workshop, or have more details? I, too, am enrolled in Alosha’s online course...and also feel the need to work hands-on in a guided setting before setting up my own homestead. My living situation is quickly going to change and the time has come to figure out an affordable living option.

    I’m a couple neighborhoods over in Kansas City, so Colorado may be my closest bet (plus, I’ve always dreamed of moving there!). I have heard from other workshop attendees it’s a great way to find similarly-minded support and maybe even a few extra willing hands when the time comes for your own project! In Arizona they have a network like that: once you’re a part of it, you basically trade labor & gain experience whenever you’re able and the time comes to begin your own project. Hope this one pans out!

  • @treblerebel , I'm in the next neighborhood also, Nebraska. We had to relocate from Colorado for a job.
    Haven't moved back yet. What parts of. Kansas. You reside? I am really looking forward to crestone, I did a strawbale workshop there We did a strawbale dome.

  • @treblerebel - Super Cool - co-operation sounds the way to go - saw this guy last night - - Having bought Alsoha's course I wish I'd waited - this guy has been a builder for 30 years and gets to the point quickly - maybe I am just impatient - but I never had the one to one communication promised in Alosha's course ... hands on certainly sounds best and if anyone is building or has built a dome in the UK I'd love to hear from you - or in S.E Asia - All best of luck in NE and KS :)

  • Steve here. There's a workshop scheduled in Crawford, CO from June 18 - 28. The workshops are listed through September, and I don't see Crestone.

    I don't care about the location as long as it's in Colorado. Presumably, a workshop in CO will have more of an emphasis on building for a colder climate.

  • @Jake-C thank you so much for the link! I watched the entire video and it was really helpful hearing that information presented from a different and more concise perspective.

  • @Altitude-High I see they’ve updated their workshop dates and taken the tentative September CO date off the books. Wish it were still on so I could attend! If there were more of a draw/interest for the KC area I’d seriously consider jumping through the hoops to host one. Until then, I’ll keep researching and learning online!

  • @treblerebel Cool~! Happy to hear it helped ...happy building :)

  • How was the CO workshop? Did they offer any tips for building with Aircrete in a colder climate?

  • That is, building for a cold climate. Things like insulating and snow bearing capacity.

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