Think we must.

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    How you think is a big part of what you manifest.

    Right now: at this moment I am open mindedly feeling out the many pioneers that strive to achieve the golden balance. In this journey, I have come to learn. Balance! is key to the golden rule.

    Crop Circles? Do you think? Mere people alone create such anomalies out of whim and wit. overnight mind you.

    Our Gaia. (Earth) (she is not ours to man handle.) Our mother, is exquisitely sensitive.

    The answer to the difficulties we see. Will require each of us to look very deeply into our personal and collective behavior. We will have to face some very monstrous truths.

    Change is something that is certain. Change is regular. it is constant.

    Change is also something humankind does not honestly seek. The great irony is you must flow and you must change. You must adapt.

    I must present some principals; I am in belief of: Knowledge.

    The steadfast rule is: I believe some things must always remain proprietary.

    It has been a great honor to be turned onto this craft. I will abide with some fair rules. One of these is I will not reveal all things.

    The greatest change before the world people centers on how we think. what we manifest with what we perceive....

    Why sit and wait for some great leader or government to answer to the reality we live? What good is fear if it stops you from seeking paths that are clearly better. Our Earth is blistered and wrung but she is not beyond regeneration. Lets us give her back her massive trees. Let them grow. Let these cleanse and purify let them breath out the o2 we all need.

    Change is never easy but it starts in the mind. You must will yourself sometimes in inches and other moments perhaps feet.

    We are not parasites and yet our collective behavior has certainly been parasitic.

    When you sit in the bath what do you think of the water in which you cleanse.

    Do you think as you turn on the tap to warm that bath? Do you ask yourself if perhaps sometimes you use to much? The answer is we all are using too much.

    If you are thinking than congratulations. You are already in some way part of the change. Most unfortunately never think after they drain the tub.

    Never pursue a herd in unknown territory. Stalk it patiently; then turn it towards a better outcome. (It also helps to have a good set of roller skates for when the going gets rough.)

    The thought has been placed let us turn our minds to solutions. What shall we then build? Where will the energy come from? how do we change?

    We shall build our structures to stand Wind, Rain, and perhaps even radiation

    We shall restructure not a corperation but human ties, and our communities. Not only here in this land - In all lands. From the deserts to the poles.

    If you are still reading this; you are a part of the change all life seeks. You are on the path to become.

    The Structures we build will require many trades and will provide their own heat and energy. They will reduce not increase our imprint.

    I see this and with a little thought it can become. But there is a dark side. There is the side that currently exist. It is the creator of what we live and see in this moment. It is able to tear down those that progress and even take progress and refashion it. This sinister force enslaves all of us. You may know this force as many things. I will break it down to four. The Power Companies. You know them when the bill comes on time every month. And you know them more so when times are tight and they pull the plug.

    The next Is the judicial. It has the power and authority to order us about. to strip us of all sorts of freedom and liberty. Who would've thought there would come a time where we in America would see people stripped is such a way contrary to our stated beginnings. But one must ever be reminded that Judicial also has the power to exert physical control by force if needed should you decide to resist.

    Power and judicial enjoy a very strong relationship. But its important to realize that the ability to exert force as we often see it is only possible because people consent to it and thus allow it.

    To resist these is not as difficult as it appears. It begins when you realize that you are not alone and you begin to do, Be, and effect the change we all hope to see. At first it's a very lonely walk. You might lose status. Friends even loved relations may turn away. As your feet grow heavy you can turn back but makes no difference either way one foot must fall in front of the other. If you turn back sleep shall follow the light will fade and the tide will take you with the rest of the bath water. But if you choose forward in time others will see your light as they too struggle forward.

    A day might arrive where a judges orders fall on deaf ears as no one moves to execute such. Should one wish to judge let him carry out his order by his own hands alone.

    A general may find his or her self standing on a platform with the key to his once mighty war machine but when its placed into the ignition and turned there is none present to make it go. They all collectively decided to do something different.

    On our path are others and they all possess a light. We shield the dark by standing together. Lumens we shall be.

    The third dark horse is the Corporations. These are branches of a vine that chokes our collective tree. These push greed to a level we were never meant to see. These vines have the power to go anywhere and corrupt the system. These ultimately will strangle all life until it should breath no more. As we light the way we must hack these vines from our tree. You can do this by looking to your brothers and sisters. Buy from these people the products of their labor. If they grow fruit in abundance they are loved when we engage in our own free commerce. Food is abundant and not monsanto's along with the rest of the vines to control.

    people can abundantly produce this is quite obvious. we must be free to trade our produce.

    the Fourth and final dark horse is Banking.

    This is the most vicious tentacle that could grow. It has the power to decide everything. How you prosper. What you can purchase. Even your career and station or license in this existence is capped by a bank. Banking deftly manipulates every part of the vine by creating a method of insatiable material need. This is then regulated to a mere piece of script for which every man woman and child scurries for which souls are traded. lights are extinguished.

    We must learn to value Barter and quality over quantity. The banker must be put firmly into his place. we succeed when we become the economy.

    We for to long have suffered as prisoners to this vine of which I write. But we don't have to be. We shall resist like the inmates we are. We shall create a new commerce We can leave the bankers worthless. Scraps of paper. He will look out of his cage and wonder how is it those people are still prosperous.

    I close today's writing with this. It is going to be a rough sea ahead. But we will get to a better destination. This I know..********

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