Temp affecting air crete - pre pour

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    Re: Temperature affecting AirCrete?

    How does temperature affect the creation of aircrete? I'm assuming below 32° F or 0° C is bad, but what about other temps? I'm concerned about mixing and pouring below 50°F.

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    Domegaia has not done any aircrete production in temperatures below 50 degrees that I know of. I would think that standard industry practices regarding cement mixes would apply in this situation. It sounds like 40 degrees is considered the cutoff for regular cement work, without making special accommodations.

    This article says: "When operating under normal working temperatures, industry practices states that mortar use should remain in an ambient temperature range of 4.4 - 37.8° C. If the mix temperature drops to below 4.4°C within 24 hours for the mortar, and 24-48 hours for grout, the hydration of the cement will stop until the temperature returns to normal. If incomplete hydration occurs prior to when the mortars and grouts dry out, the overall cured strength can be reduced, ultimately causing the mortar joints to fail and be squeezed out of the joints."

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    @zander Thanks, good article.

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