Aircrete for rip-rap?

  • Major Contributor

    I've a number of slopes that require bank stabilization. Various methods recommended have included stacked concrete bags, railroad ties, tires filled with stones.
    Has anyone tried aircrete for rip rap? Or tires filled with aircrete for riprap?

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    If you are using this rip rap for the bank of a stream or other water way, aircrete may not be appropriate because it tends to float. However, for preventing erosion from simple rain run off, aircrete could be a very affordable efficient material for the job.

  • Major Contributor

    That's what I was thinking - The slopes that I'm concerned about are far from any running water. Using aircrete in a tire would replace using concrete or stone in a tire and to me the prime advantages would be fewer bags of cement and a much lighter mass to move around.

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