H2O RETENTION: Swim Pools, Drinking

  • RE: Natural Pond Pools

    1. In lieu of a liner, can product be used to form water barrier, notably 'beach' sides (vs. verticle walls].
      After all, it is a dome upside down ... 😉

    2. Moreover, is it human, fish & plant safe in such an aquatic environ?

    3. I also see this water retention possibility as an asset in indigenous settings

    4. Can it be softly 'scrubbed for cleaning; finally,

    5. Can it withstand organic cleansing agents, particularly if used as a swim pools and most certainly if used to hold drinking water for humans?

    Thank you, much appreciated!
    Blessings... 👍 🤘

  • Aquarist here - cement is not considered safe for fish, the lime content is too alkaline for them. I don't think it would be recommended to hold water for human consumption, either. There are lots of options for that including water bladders and plastic bins and towers of all sizes and shapes. If you don't want to use a liner for a pond (containing fish life) you can use a clay base to hold water in fairly well. It will seal better over time as the fish add to the bottom layer with their excretions.

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