Sodium Sulfate is not a foaming agent.

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    Based on Aircrete Harry's video at about minute 5 on foaming agents I have been writing about buying sodium sulfate at a low cost.

    1 month ago
    Great video Harry. Regardless of quality, Sodium Sulfate does have some negative qualities ie. can cause cancer, eye irritant and mild skin irritant.
    Now for some good news. You can buy a 50 pound pail for about $40.00. Shipping to where I live in WV adds another $23.00 which is still very cheap. Buy it at dudadiesel dot com.


    Aircrete Harry

    Aircrete Harry
    Aircrete Harry
    1 month ago
    Thank You I just ordered 50 lb.

    Well since Harry bought it I did also. I just rec'd it 2 days ago. It doesn't foam at ALL. :(

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    @gemniii This sounds like a disappointing experience. I expect that there is much you are learning from it, and much that we could all gain from your experience. Would you please post a photo of the label or invoice for this product that you purchased? There are several products on the market with very similar names that are actually very different in their nature. If you would be willing, please post a photo so that we can see exactly what product and brand of product did not work as a foaming agent.

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    here's the link:
    here's the "invoice"
    Status: APPROVED - 00230C
    Order: OnlineOrder_00173419

    Product Name: Natural Sodium Sulfate, 40 lb - FREE SHIPPING,
    99+% Pure, Crystalline/Granular, Anhydrous (without water), Food
    Grade / FCC (Food Chemical Codex)
    Item#: 40ssf
    Unit Price: $39.99

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    @gemniii Ok, thank you so much for sharing your hard lesson. We can all learn from this just as much or more than we can learn from our "success stories".

    According to what I have read, Sodium Sulfate is definitely not a foaming agent, never has been. There is a lot of confusion around names in this area of terminology. Here's a basic breakdown:

    There are still more terms that I have not mentioned that are similar and could be confused, so I would say pay very close attention when discussing or purchasing these items.

  • So what I came to realize is that in the video where Aircrete Harry discusses the 4 foaming agents and recommends SLS is that the bag he has is different than the product info he printed off Amazon. I ordered off Amazon and just ordered what was on his printout in the video. But the video is only Sodium Sulfate (salt) and thus I had absolute no foam. So I have ordered actually SLS and will see how that goes. It was great to realize the source of the confusion and now I have hope again.. It was so discouraging to have no bubbles at all...

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