Smurfs' village in Queensland, AUSTRALIA

  • I need help with developing a venue that will look like a smurfs village.

    The location is just magic:
    MISSION BEACH in Far North Queensland.
    We are very close to PAPUA here and there will be features to remind visitors about that.

    The village [link text](link url)
    will centre around a gelato workshop and an outdoor entertainment area.
    Each small dome will be a bedroom for guests.

    There will be a common area with toilets and kitchen facilities, probably not in the shape of a dome.

  • Workshop Instructor

    I’m not sure that aircrete alone would be the right direction for sumurf homes. The dome part of the mushroom isn’t a round dome. And the straight walls need another form for the aircrete like wood or metal.

    I would love to help design these, I also build with adobe, cob, straw bale, wattle & dob, any natural building product interest me.

    Email me :
    Or txt 415-819-5763

  • How is this project developing? I plan to travel to Australia soon and would be keen to help!

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