Using accelerant for your Aircrete? Particularly with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate..

  • Has anyone used accelerants in aircrete? and particularly with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as the foaming agent? Im wondering what kind of success people have had (or not). Also, if you have used it how did you add it to the mix? Aircrete Harry mentions it in a video and says it works well with the SLS but says something about it only working if he let the soap and accelerant sit in water overnight first.... but thats all he says and Im not sure why that would matter or what happened when he didn't let it sit that was not successful.... Thank you

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    The guy that runs the "little pig" store tested "Easy Sand 45" in this video link text. Easy Sand is designed to set drywall "mud" faster. Harry discusses using accelerant in this video and baking soda at about 8 minutes.

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