Genocell Resin based Powder Foaming Agent

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Has anyone tried the Genocell Resin based Powder Foaming Agent made by CLC Technologies (

    This foaming agent was listed as a source of foam on However, the CLC sales person said that it did not work with the Little Dragon foam machine. I was not able to get a reason why. The idea of a powder foaming agent is a good one for me because it's lighter than the liquid form and cheaper to ship. Thanks in advance!

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I agree that a powered foaming agent would be so nice for shipping purposes. I don't think has recommended Genocell. It might be great and I hope someone tries it, but we've never tried it. A google search for "Genocell Domegaia" brings up a bunch of questionable listings where "domegaia" does seem connected to Genocell in some odd mysterious manner. Here's a handy quote from "nature does not give the dice".

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