MiniBars Reinforcement

  • I keep remembering someone saying at the dome workshop that "steel is cancer for concrete" or something along those lines (due to rusting of the iron that makes up a large
    part of steel)

    After reading this interesting article about this phenomenon

    I found this company

    and they have this product that might complement air-crete very well

    "MiniBars™ are mixed directly in concrete to make it ductile and eliminate or reduce the need for reinforcing with steel, wire welded mesh etc"

    this is their USA office info

    ReforceTech USA

    Address: Bonita Springs, FL 34136-7897

    Alvin Ericson Technical Director/Consultant Mob + 1239-405-2924 , office +1 239 948 1771 email:

    and Sweden

    Smart Development Sweden AB

    Address: Olof Palmes Gata 20 B SE-11137 Stockholm, Sweden

    Telephone +46(0)820207 Fax: +46(0)87675990

    Gunter Villman, Commersial Director, Mob+46706123990, email:

    Just thought you guys might find it helpful...

    keep in touch!


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    I am looking into besalt rebar myself. This seems to be the basalt fiber they use for the rebar. Do you have any idea about how many meters of rebar of half inch diameter would go for example into the dome home you already built? That would give me a good measure to get prices when I call the companies. I made a rough number for a 40 foot diameter dome and the numbers came something around 800 meters of rebar(not counting for the foundation), at 1 foot spacing. As soon as I get a supplier that gives me the better price I will let you know.

  • I checked out website and there is nothing available in the "Mini-Bar" area. So when they have some it will be nice.

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