Researching Options for our House

  • I am researching option for a home in GEORGIA. Our county requires 1800 s.f. and 440 s.f. garage.
    We have land and a spot chosen but we have to fit it in the spot to get the required 1800 s.f. and not cut down old forest trees?
    Does anyone have experience using Aircrete for foundations and straight walls? And walls that are basically basement walls?
    Can a dome be 28 s.f. in diameter? What is the highest ceiling point of a dome particularly if it is this big?
    Has anyone tried to build one in humid South and gone through codes and permits?
    Are there any builders anywhere close that have the training/experience to help us build or advise us?

    We have been researching straw bale and cob (Sigi Koko), metal, green roofs, concrete walls, lime plaster. We have lots of rock on our land and have wanted to use the land rock for four feet high along the front wall and cob the rest of the wall. We also want to use land wood and land clay/cob inside.
    If 28 feet is possible and affordable, I would do two = 600 s.f. each and two with 300 s.f. each possible in the two story style. We can build the garage someplace else. We want to use it for one car and the rest for a workshop and gallery.
    Eventually I will have an office as I am a Shaman Spiritual Guide and we will be using the forest for Forest Bathing and Shaman ceremonies. Lots of dreams but every thing we have researched for a custom home has exceeded our budget. We are willing to help build what we build and want to do most of the inside ourselves. K

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    These are exellent questions....

  • Hi KatherineAirDoug, I am in the same situation that you are. Our HOA requires us to build a min 1500 sq ft home. No other restrictions other than that so I can pretty much do what I want. The wife and I are hip on the geodesic style type home and really like the simplicity of the aircrete system. I was doing some research and came across a website called This site has a section, (calculators) that you can input any different parameters and it will give all the information automatically. In our case though we want the geodesic type style, and on this site it instructs you at what lenghts to cut conduit, and what angles to bend the ends before assembly to create a open shell if you will on any size or V frequency that you desire. Once the shell is completed the we are going to attach a rigid mesh on the outside of the conduit frame then heat shrink plastic on top of that. Then we will commense the standard aircrete block laying procedure that these fine folks do at the workshops, however there will be angles to cut but still same process. Once the dome is complete, and the skin is on the outside, then begin dismantling the frame inside, and lay the skin on the inside walls. Our plans is to reuse the conduit frame to build the other domes that will connect to each other. Our home needs to be 1500 sq ft so we plan to construct (3) 500 sq ft domes to satisfy the HOA's request. The property we have is similar to what you are describing, a lot of trees, so we will build around, next too, the trees how ever we want, but the trees stay. They where there before we where. I do not think that strait wall will work, but I am not an expert, or claim to have knowledge in this area, but some on this forum could prolly guide you whether or not is is feesable to do that. I hope I was some help. I want to use aircrete for the foundation, but I myself need to know how much hard concrete on top I need to apply to make it stable when one walks on it to keep it from collasping. I hope I was some help, this is the wife and I's plans on how we are going forward, it is a little different from the norm the way the domes are constructed on this site, we are always up for a challenge.

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