Dome home design

  • I am offering a service to design and visualize dome home's and the landscape around it.
    I have over 10 years design experience and would love to continue focusing on sustainable solutions like domegaia's. I have designed several dome like structures in the past en have developed over 50+ other projects from start to finish interior and architectural. My vision is to not only make the domes look nice from the outside but also imply a very smart interior which I think currently isnt getting the attention it needs. Colourpalettes, material selection and technical drawings are all possible.
    If interested contact me on

  • I'm so glad I found this site. I have land in El Dorado County CA and I'm looking for both design and building help. I do not plan to build immediately but I would like to begin designing the dome. Where are you located? I'm in Sacramento, CA.

  • Hello I have acquired half Acre lot in Ghana and would like to know about your availability and interest. I would be grateful to hear from you. thanks M

  • Hi MW,
    I'm looking for someone to help create drawings and renderings for Domegaia dome designs. Are you available?
    Thanks, Hajjar

  • @kiarasherri
    This is kyle kohlman. I would love to help with construction and design in Ca. I live in Az. I have 17 plus years in building and love to get creative. Sacred geometry structures, ascension art, drums bells ect. I am very good with wood and finish designe carpentry. Please call, text or email me at

    Kyle k

  • @kiarasherri I am located in portugal but willing to travel anywhere. I can help you design and visualize your concept .. plus connecting with builders and cost overviews. Let me know

  • Its great idea to have dome and landscape around it in the home. In addition to this, having the glass fencing in the back yard or glass balustrades can add more beauty. One can discover this to take help of professional contractors to renovate your home with the help of adding the glass fencing and balustrades.

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