Dome home design

  • I am offering a service to design and visualize dome home's and the landscape around it.
    I have over 10 years design experience and would love to continue focusing on sustainable solutions like domegaia's. I have designed several dome like structures in the past en have developed over 50+ other projects from start to finish interior and architectural. My vision is to not only make the domes look nice from the outside but also imply a very smart interior which I think currently isnt getting the attention it needs. Colourpalettes, material selection and technical drawings are all possible.
    If interested contact me on

  • I'm so glad I found this site. I have land in El Dorado County CA and I'm looking for both design and building help. I do not plan to build immediately but I would like to begin designing the dome. Where are you located? I'm in Sacramento, CA.

  • Hello I have acquired half Acre lot in Ghana and would like to know about your availability and interest. I would be grateful to hear from you. thanks M