Water curing aircrete - anyone tried it?

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    In one reference Concrete network.com they state:[quote]How to cure concrete.

    Water cure:
    The concrete is flooded, ponded, or mist sprayed. This is the most effective curing method for preventing mix water evaporation. Make sure you allow proper time for water curing.

    Water retaining methods:
    Use coverings such as sand, canvas, burlap, or straw that are kept continuously wet. The material used must be kept damp during the curing period.

    Waterproof paper or plastic film seal:
    Are applied as soon as the concrete is hard enough to resist surface damage. Plastic films may cause discoloration of the concrete-do not apply to concrete where appearance is important.

    Chemical Membranes:
    The chemical application should be made as soon as the concrete is finished. Note that curing compounds can effect adherence of resilient flooring, your flooring contractor and/or chemical membrane manufacturer should be consulted.

    All the desirable properties of concrete are improved by proper curing![/quote]

    Has anyone tried it?

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    @gemniii I have and it works well. but its a bit simple requires only a tarp. You mist spray the Air Crete keeping it moist. This is where the tarp comes into play as it helps to keep the mist from evaperateing off. I have had better results by utilizeing this technique. This is the K.I.S.S. method.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I've found that the more sealed and covered with tarps my aircrete is, the better is tends to cure. However, plenty aircrete is poured without being covered at all and seems to work fine in many cases.

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