Looking for Air Crete builder in Sacramento Region

  • This is my first post. I'm not sure if this is a new topic or not. I have land in California and am interested in finding someone you can build a dome home for me. The land is in a rual/suburban area of El Dorado County, CA, not to far from Lake Tahoe. I do not indent to seek permits. There is a main house in the front and my dome would be like 3.5 acres away from the road. Are there any aircrete dome builders in the Sacramento, CA area?

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    Hello Kiarasherri,

    I’m a certified domegaia instructor and builder. I go between SF and Hawaii. I have built 3 domes and 4 different foundations. I have helped design 3 other dome projects and my own 6 dome project as well.

    From location to paint, interiors, bathrooms, lofts, windows & kitchens.

    I’m doing everything as inexpensive as possible, I can assist on all elements of a project and even help get used things at flea markets and garage sales.



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    My name is Ignacio Acuña. I am an experienced builder and woodworker. I would love to help if I can. My strength is in the finish. I could do your doors, windows, skylights, shelving, desk, or anything requiring wood. I have attended a workshop, and instructed in Portugal. Please refer to my posting here on the forum as builder looking for project.
    Thank You,
    Ignacio Acuna
    (415) 939-5237

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