concept by Isosceles.

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    Hello Domies! As I was tossing about on the roiling seas of thought and imagination. It came clear that one might possibly make clever use of his or her (Aircrete) by building a dome working with forms that were built with (formed) isosceles triangles. It certainly would be easy to pour into such a form. And I am willing to bet that the mortar milk would hold well because the construct can be accomplished by layers from the bottom up. Of course the finished dome might not be perfectly rounded the same as when done in block. But it would definitely reduce the time involved in construct so far as producing block. Think tall Triangle and Small :) I imagine you could cut in doors Arches and windows or ports after the mortar set because aircrete cuts like wood. the fabric could still be applied.

    Definitely something a builder might consider. (triangle man doing the things a triangle man can) Happy construct folks...

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    the finished dome might not be perfectly rounded

    Perhaps perfectly round is over rated. Well defined geodesic domes can be very artistic. I suppose the rounder it is the stronger it is though.

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