Can you tell me what foaming agent can be used in Australia thanks

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    I also see they earth choice put out dishwashing liquid.
    Guess it might be more concintrated.
    Note over 500 views interested so I'm supprised some one hasn't found the awnser yet.

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    Another Australian responded to my email inquiry with this comment:

    I have only just started experimenting really.
    I followed recommendations on the forum and found a detergent that was high in laurel ether sulphate
    I went to a commercial cleaning products shop and bought something called, Lemon Sunshine by a company called Dominant (!,)
    I have managed to get the necessary foam density (as followed from Domegaia website) with this product, my bricks are still not 100% satisfactory but that is for other reasons I think.
    Looking forward to you guys having a workshop here in Australia!

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    To summarize where we are at on this subject, I see three tested options that are available in Australia:

    Among these three I personally recommend the two dishwashing liquids as they are much safer to work with and were designed to be handled a lot, which ends up being the case when working with aircrete. The Saftey Data Sheet for Extreme shows that there are some serious health risks associated with its use. Extreme is designed for use by agricultural professionals in situations where skin contact is not expected.

  • @longgrazz yep standard formula and GP cement, I live about 3 hr from Brisbane between Glen inns and Tenterfield ,just about to do a mix using an Enviro Care product called Fresh Dawning dish washing liquid. It seems to foam well and you can buy from 5lts to25lts web sit. i will keep you updated.

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    @headsup Have found Woolworths also have concentrated.... Earth choice dishwashing liquid
    Seems much thicker.
    I think might have work to do on pressure and water to soap ratios to work out
    Using smaller samples as test leaving molds longer to set
    Starting to look better. I'm hoping to do imitation stone wall in
    Goomeri area.

  • @longgrazz interested to see how you go.

  • @Zander I have tried the Earth Choice liquid without success....even after adding glycerine. The foam would not remain stable for long enough for the cement to set.
    The "Extreme" agricultural marker produces a good foam, just be careful to avoid contact with it...that is not really hard to do. There does seem to be a problem with mixing the foam with Lanko latex products. It seems to react to form clumps in the mortar. CementAid produce "Weldcrete" which can be used as a latex replacement.

  • @PeterG using earth choice I found the foam held up without collapsing, i had a very brittle mix but I did lose moisture from the form once poured. trying again now its a little cooler.

  • Thanks headsup.
    Please let me know how it goes.....did you add anything else to it? My 3.5m dome is 3/4 done and I think I have enough blocks already made to finish the job but I would like to trial a friendlier detergent for future jobs. I know what you mean about the heat. I am using 800mmx1000mm formply forms so that each form holds exactly 80litres of aircrete when 100mm thick....that is also exactly 1 bag of cement (20kg in Australia). I do 4 at a time so that I can stack the forms which seals them completely and stops any evaporation.

  • @Zander earth choice dishwashing liquid is great. The earth choice laundry detergent however is a disaster. Failcrete all round.
    Another good one available in Longreach is
    “Trucking Blue. Not only makes fine aircrete but the car sparkles. Might be harder to get out your way. Transporting cattle and mining gear on the highways, unsealed roads and dust paddocks of Outback Oz the only sign of life the a million insects dead on the windscreen, you need a heavy duty cleaner to spruce up.

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