Women Builders

  • Hello,
    I am interested to meet any other women builders in this group? I think the Aircrete Dome is a brilliant way to empower women to build their own homes, being lightweight and manageable. If there are any on here I'd love to talk with you.

  • Hi. I'm new to this community and have not attended a workshop yet. However, it is my life's dream to be able to build my own home and even help others to build. I would love to stay in contact as women striving to build is not so common. roniekap22@gmail.com

  • Hi Sherleshoosh,
    I attended the Domegaia workshop in Mazunte Mexico in late 2017 and have only just received council permission for my dome home in Longreach Queensland, Australia.
    I have just retired as editor of the local newspaper and want a home 1) I can afford and 2) I am physically capable of constructing. Aircrete domes fit the bill.
    It will be a bit of a concrete/aircrete combo. The soil is highly reactive clay, so council insisted on solid footings which will be professionally installed. The approval is for two "pods" of three domes each: a living room, bedroom and bathroom in each.
    One innovation is the forms to make the blocks. I find I don't have the strength to work the metal slicer to cut the already formed block. So I have had metal strips made that fit together like an old fashioned ice block maker, so the blocks are formed individually.

  • I'm a woman builder... although i have to admit this is the first time I thought of myself in that way which is odd given the ratio gender of builders is HIGHLY skewed. My second thought was that everything is light and manageable given the right leverage and tools. To say that any material that is light is better for woman who are (on average) less strong than the men, is leaving out the tools. After all men can not carry Ibeams yet they use them to build.
    And to drive this point home, I have to tell you the 3 strapping young men who came to install concrete anchors needed my help removing one because all 3 of these muscle heads couldn't get it out. After watching them struggle for 30 mins, I grabbed a crow bar and a 2x4 and ripped it our in front them.
    Basically ALL humans are too weak to build their own homes; that is why we use tools.
    I think we need more woman builders because woman tend to think differently and in particular tend not to rely on strength as the only factor.

  • @noni Hi noni, Do you know what kind of clay you are sitting on??? You are so lucky. You can build a rocket mass heater with the clay as well as everything else you might need from pizza ovens to cups!! I have ZERO clay here and literally take short car trips to gather it from other places. :(

  • @Traveller 04: the clay soils have been classified as “highly reactive “ - which can experience “extreme ground movement” of more than 75mm when wet. I don’t know what this would be like for a rocket mass heater but it’s a bugger for foundations. My footings will have six rebars top and bottom to create one bloody solid raft to support the domes.

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