Can you DIY inject aircrete as insulation?

  • Hi. I was referred to to get thermal / sound insulation for my existing home. I want to inject it into existing plaster and lathe walls, ceiling between basement apartment and main floor, and attic floor. My home is in Oakland CA and currently not insulated.

    Is it possible to inject aircrete as DIY or with hired local labor or do I need to work with a company that soecializes in it like airkrete? I am happy to buy injection equipment if well executed DIY would produce similar results to hiring airkrete (in thermal insulation and sound insulation).

    If it is possible to DIY, can you share links to required tools to effectively inject it and any instructions? In gratitude, Jeff

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    Sounds like a great idea, but I dont see that the airkrete and the aircrete(domegaia cellular concrete) have the same consistency. What seem to make airkrete an insulator is the magnesium concrete properties. Portland cement behaves differently. The aircrete or cellular concrete mixture that is shown on the domegaia videos looks much denser than that foam of the airkrete company. Since they are 2 completely different products then you may need to contract someone that is a specialist in airkrete. I guess you could inject cellular concrete by yourself, but you would have to use a different formula and experiment to get to that foamy consistency of the website. You wont have the same properties, though. The magnesium concrete absorbs CO2 while its curing and cures much faster than cellular concrete. I have not seen anyone successfully spray the aircrete on the domegaia videos or cellular concrete in any other video. The spraying process would surely kill the foaming that you had to achieve to get the aircrete. Spraying requires going to a fine nozzle under high pressure and the airkrete you are talking about is already a foam that is "injected". Check this :

    Hope this helps.

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