Puna structures already built

  • Aloha, friends!
    I, too, live in the Puna area and am interested in visiting some already built domes. I have ideas for building one on my property but would like to actually see one in person. I was hoping to see how @Io-lele did with their project but also anyone else here who has used the little dragon and Domegaias methods.
    Thank you all for posting your ideas also. Some very great stuff happening on here! 💗

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Hajjar has a 21 foot dome connected with a 15 foot dome in the Kalapana area. They are mostly constructed, but incomplete due to the lava/earthquake/gases interruption. I would suggest contacting him (hajjar@domegaia.com) after Dec 6th to arrange a visit.

  • @cturtle, I left the island for a long time during the eruption, only just got back 4 weeks ago, so nothing has happened yet.

  • Thank you for getting back to me. I'm sorry it was delayed. I had hoped to hear it was doing well! The best laid plans and all.... Please keep us informed of your project if possible. You are still going to try, yeah?
    I have no set dates to start my own dome but trying to work out some details in design by actually visiting a dome first.
    Perhaps we should have a group design discussion on here. Hmmm.

  • @zander Thank you for info! Will contact him.

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