Aircrete in Cowra NSW

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    Our Dome is going well almost 3rd the way, slow but steady progress amoungst family commitments. Little tricky working out good weight for foam, think it might have something to do with the altitude or quality of water, who knows, got mixture right and pumping out as many bricks as my body will allow.

    Found best results by making mix in late afternoon and letting it slowly cure over night and next day.
    Not rocket science but very labour intensive, plays havoc with the body at 54yrs.

    Warm here at the moment so we do short stints and are trying to make as many bricks as possible.
    Started out using plywood as formwork but found that with water and sun plywood began to loose shape, we have changed to 100mm c section cut at length to make formwork 900mm x 1800mm so we are able to get 18 x 300 x 300 mm bricks out at a depth of 100mm. All we do is sit mould on builders plastic to create a barrier to prevent water loss and strap the formwork up using ratchet straps which all seems to work well when you have to de-mould.

    Hope this is useful to you guys have fun making and building in Aircrete it is a great way to goooo.

  • I hear you at 54, 62 here. But the air crete is way better than Adobe blocks or cinder blocks. I have some old, repurposed stainless steel solar battery trays I line with plastic drop cloth to pour into. Cut chicken wire to fit the form as reinforcement. Form is thick as a fist, as wide as elbow to knuckle, as tall as most women (don't remember metric to US)

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