Aircrete Domes is Looking for Projects

  • Hello everyone,

    As many of you may have seen on Domegaia’s instagram page our first build in the Canary Islands was a huge success. After such an incredible response both locally and globally we have started our second project in the Sacred Valley deep in the Andes of Peru. We cant give away too many secrets yet, but we guarantee this will be a dome unlike any seen before.

    As you can imagine launching a business, starting social media and marketing is a full time job... especialy when you are knee deep in designs, aircrete and lumber all day. That said, we will be launching several platforms to showcase our work as premier aircrete and mix medium domebuiders and designers very soon.

    With the help of Domegaia and Hajar Gibran we have taken the basic elements of aircrete block construction and applied it to years of carpentry and design work to create dome structures that are not only of the highest structural integrity but also visual works of art. With the lessened environmental and economic impact of aircrete construction matched with the unrivaled versatility the material provides, the sky is the limit with these domes.

    Attached are a few photos to get your wheels spinning! We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing from you as we are currently looking for projects for spring and summer ‘19.

    You can reach us at :

    Let’s build your dream dome!

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  • Beautiful work, Nate!

  • I would love to be able to be apart of the dome building but I cannot afford the training, is there anyway I can be a part of your team.

    Marco Nairn

  • Hey there I have actually reached out to your company about projects for the future and they have told me that you don’t have any available build teams. Would love to commission the right dome for our 25 acre greensand beach property designed for an animal sanctuary. Is it actually possible? To schedule you guys for the project on the island of Hawaii?

  • @lovevolution Hello, I don’t recall receiving a message or email in the past but please send us an email and we can discuss this further. And, yes, We live by the motto that ANYTHING is possible!

    Talk soon,

    Nate Deschenes

  • Pease come to Ghana, or at least lets plan a workshop. There're so much to do here, and the technique of aircrete would be a boon for vocational school students to learn as well as help prisoners obtain skills for future work. I ve seen another poster on here wanting to have a builder help their project, but there are so many more building projects here for schools, orphanages, resorts etc,. I want to learn this technique but the places where the workshops areheld is too expensive to travel .

  • Nate i have land in hawaii ready to build in feb please be in touch or anyone who is willing to build touch base 18084461344

  • Nate i got your vmail i have skype too it dreaming-bear

  • @Macsix7 Thank you for the note. We are actually in discussions with some projects in Ghana now. I would like to hear more of what you have in mind. Send us and email and we can discuss.

    Thank you!

  • Are you still looking for projects? I am in southern Spain.

  • @Christine We’re always looking for projects in Spain! Please email us and we can discuss further.

    -Nate has

  • @Nate_D thank you, I will!!

  • @Nate_D Hello I have land in Texas. Would love to build please feel free to email me I hope to hear from you.

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