84 Acre Malibu Ranch/Animal Sanctuary lost in Woolsey Fire. Welcoming Experienced “Air-Crete” Geodesic Dome Builders and Designers to express their creativity and showcase their unique designs and talents

  • Dear reader,

    Our conscious community including many of those affected by the recent Fires and now Mudslides have taken it upon themselves to contribute their precious time, resources and hard work to rebuild one of the most Beautiful and Healing landscapes I’ve ever seen! As we rebuild this sacred space back to its Divine Alignment, the universe has been delivering all of those who hold the same intention for this planet.
    On November 8th 2018, the Woolsey fire, ripped through this 84 acre Malibu ranch, cleansing the land of old energy and giving birth to a new beginning. No structures were left standing but amazingly all the animals on the property including Donkeys, Cows, Goats, Turtles, and Emus all survived without a scratch on them. Truly a Blessing! The proud protector of this land is now welcoming the community which consist of Artists, Actors, Movie Stars, Entrepreneurs , Builders, Bakers, Contractors, Ayurvedic Healers, Landscapers, Firefighters and Fun Loving Personalities to truly express their creativity. The New-Year intention has been set for this peaceful animal sanctuary. Our goal is to transform the property and create a platform for anyone willing and able that would like to leave their mark in the midst of this new development. If interested you are welcome to contact me directly for more information.

    Love light & peace

  • Workshop Instructor

    @benjie hello,
    My name is Ignacio Acuña. I live in Ventura CA. About an 30 minutes from Malibu. I'm interested in your project. Please check my post here for my professional details.
    Thank You,
    (415) 939-5237

  • Sat Nam, this is Michele Upham I’m a landscaper, gardener, sound healer, yoga instructor, animal lover, and lover of Mother Earth... I live in east Hollywood, and would love to be apart of renewing and rebuilding of this land and for the animals that live there. Helpping them thrive in happiness....
    707-233-1653 my contact

  • Go to this link:
    Alosha wants to help those affected by the fires. I hope all turns out well for your community. God bless.

  • Hi. I live in Inglewood. I'd love to come help. I'm new and inexperienced, yet great at following directions. If you need an extra set of hands... roniekap22@gmail.com,

  • @Benjie

    I'm Nick LaFleur; I've built aircrete dome homes with Dome Gaia in Oregon, another on the big island in Hawaii and am currently leading a 2 dome build here in Puerto Rico on a beautiful piece of property overlooking the ocean.
    I'm putting feelers out for other projects that I can contribute to and may need assistance/guidance in the coming months.

    I'd love to talk more about what you're hoping for the future. What size/kind of Dome could I potentially help you with?
    Hope to hear from you :)


    Nick LaFleur

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