How many blocks needed for a dome of 10 meter diameter or 32 foots?

  • Little Dragon Tamer Workshop Graduate

    Anyone have an idea how can i convert or estimate how many blocks i will need for build a dome of 32 foots diameter ? ( one arch and one window)
    I estimated before with domes of 16foots diameter and was around 700 blocks .

  • @Martin10 if my calculations are accurate then you should need about 2800 blocks. This is assuming a consistent block size as your estimate for a 16 foot diameter dome. I simply took the square footage of a sphere of that diameter and divided that to get a per block ratio (.867 blocks per sq ft of sphere surface area calculated at some diameter) and scaled it. Assuming that you have The same fraction of the dome above the ground as in a 16 foot diameter dome that should be a rather accurate prediction. I could model it on CAD very quickly if you want to get a more accurate number. The fact that it is nearly 4 times the quantity also gives me confidence because the surface area quadruples as the diameter doubles...

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