constant air pressure

  • Hi, we've been testing making aircrete and had good results but the last batches of blocks collapsed.

    After some checking it seems we have trouble getting a constant pressure from the air compressor. Whenever the compressor kicks back on, the foam density suddenly goes up significantly.

    According to the specifications the compressor should be strong enough.

    Another thing I noticed is that the bubbles in the poured aircrete forms are bigger now. Seems like they don't sustain and pop open.
    Any tips? Thanks!

  • Workshop Instructor

    @claudettn Make sure you do not have any air leaks in the system. If you do, the pressure drops and you have to prime the line again each time it comes on or you stop. If you don't prime
    you will not get full pressure coming out of the wand and it will sputter- spit. This will give you less foam and more water.

  • thanks! we played around more with the compressor and it's settings. still difficult to maintain a constant output but it now works and we have good aircrete blocks. :)