Looking for someone to build my aircrete domes in Feb on Hawaii

  • Once again putting out the call for aircrete dome builders to start building the rainbow honeycomb in Feb! 18084461344

  • @Lovevolution

    Hello! I sent you a message to your phone number but I wanted to make sure this gets to you

    I'm Nick LaFleur; I've built aircrete dome homes with Dome Gaia in Oregon, another there in Hawi on the big island, and am currently leading a 2 dome build here in Puerto Rico on a beautiful piece of property overlooking the ocean. We are doing an 18 foot diameter living space Dome and a smaller 12 foot diameter bedroom Dome.
    I'm putting feelers out for other projects that I can contribute to and may need assistance/guidance in the coming months.

    This project I'm working on now needs to pause for a while as the land owner takes care of a financial situation and excavates a portion of her land.
    I'd love to talk more about what you're hoping for the future. I like the vision you laid out in your previous post and I was looking at your website and the video you produced as well :) I've spent lots of time on the big island; it's a second home to me. Please reach out if you're interested


    Nick LaFleur

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