Big Island (Puna) AirCrete Homeowner-Builders

  • Hello, I am not on the Big Island full time, but do plan to build on my land and AirCrete makes the most sense thus far from an economical and, resource, and environmental perspective. Hoping to connect with others who are interested and create a community in the Puna region interested in supporting each other in erecting these beautiful structures.

  • I will be moving to the BI soon, and I'm interested in AirCrete structures also. I would like to keep in touch. Is there Private Messaging available on this site?

  • One important concern is that Hawai'i has a lot of little earthquakes, so designing with a little shaking in mind is important. What is real important is that you don't want chunks of concrete (lightweight or not) falling on you if the ground starts moving. Of course a roof made from wood 2 x 8's and corrugated metal falling isn't good either. So design is important.

  • My son and I are on a great piece of land in upper Opihikao. I've been flooded with ideas about building with aircrete, and am anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Dragon kit I ordered last week. We're into ferrocement-style internally reinforced monolithic structures, poured in place into carefully constructed, large molds. Domes and pyramids.

  • @Io-Lele Very cool! We'd love to stay in touch and potentially collaborate. Aloha!

  • @domegaia I just got notification that my Little Dragon shipped - one day after a back-order notification... shipped from Brooklyn?! Ironic, as I moved here from Astoria, Queens...

    Truth is I am going to need a Green Dragon. I've read that you have an updated model that isn't being sold on the site yet... Even an older model will do, but I need one pronto.

    I sent an email to describing my plans. I have experience in light construction and plan to build 16' dome molds with 1/2" PVC pipe, 18 vertical arcs 30 degrees apart and 10 horizontal hoops 1' apart, assembled with Tee and cross fittings secured with self-tapping screws (not PVC pipe cement, as the frame will be disassembled and re-used many times) to which I will affix chicken wire to hold the external shape, vinyl plastic sheeting or polyester fabric as a non-stick barrier and galvanized mesh that will remain in the aircrete for added strength. Of course, there will be an inner frame as well, same premise. All the layers will be wire-tied to the PVC frame, which will be supported internally with 2x4's. The plan is to pour in place a monolithic dome.

    It's ambitious but I am very sure it will work, not with dish-soap though. I haven't been able to get Drexel foam, so I got Trekker Trax foaming agent from the agricultural supply store near the Hilo dump, which is basically identical to Drexel foam. Same 160:1 ratio.

    Monolithic pyramids will be much easier, I'm sure, so I figured I'd get the more challenging shape out of the way first...

    There will be a bit of a spa on my land here. I'll be pouring galvanized mesh, or possibly galvanized field fence reinforced aircrete basins for flotation tanks that will be inside pyramids. Given the sound insulation capabilities of aircrete, I imagine it is a perfect use. Also, a recording studio - another perfect use.

    Very excited to begin this project, and would very much appreciate any help you can afford me, preferably in the form of a Green Dragon to rent, borrow or buy!

  • @Io-Lele Hi Lo Lele, Our apologies for the mix-up. The Injection Mixer is being drop shipped from New York, not the Little Dragon. Please reach Hajjar regarding the Green Dragon at Aloha!

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