Looking for builders to help with project in Spokane, WA

  • We are expecting our third child in late July, or else I would be there for the Port Townsend workshop!

    If however, people with their newly earned skills wish to put them to use and make some money helping us build a dome while the info is fresh in their minds, please contact me.

    Take good care all,

  • @modus57

    Hi DC!
    I'm Nick from Seattle. I would love to talk to you more about your project.
    Here's some quick info on who I am:

    I took the Oregon Domegaia workshop last year, and then went to the Hawaii workshop in October to help out with that build as well.

    I was building tiny houses on wheels and yurts prior to building Aircrete Domes

    A lady from the Oregon workshop hired me to build two domes for her in Puerto Rico, which I am here working on now.

    I'm super passionate about dome building and I travel around to support and build current project in our growing community.
    I am enjoying leaning into the opportunities to teach others the different aspects of Dome building and lead groups in the constructing of their homes. Communities, families, volunteers, groups of friends banding together to build something amazing for their future.
    I have another dome project in Washington in August that I will be leading that will be something more like a typical workshop.

    I'd love to know more about what size and when you're hoping to build.

    Please check out my Instagram for some of my work!

    Shoot me an email

    Add me on Facebook
    Nick LaFleur


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