pouring floor: in sections? Dry sticking to wet?

  • I'm planning to pour an aircrete floor and looking for advice from those that came before me. I'm not going to have a big concrete mixing truck so I'm going to have to do it batches. Wondering if this creates a problem. The last pour might be 2 days after the first pour.

    My first thought is to pour into 5x5 foot slabs using thin steal as the "walls" to kinda make a mold. Then just leave the steal in the floor to not have any air gaps.

    Questions: How well does newly poured wet aircrete stick to dried aircrete?, and totally 10 day cured?
    Anyone have any issues with aircrete and steal studs not working well together?
    Anyone use a electric barrel concrete mixer instead of the hand held paint type mixer? (that seems to dominate the youtube videos but makes my arms hurt just watching it.)

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Metal and concrete seems to always have issues eventually. I will be painting all metal embedded into concrete like ferocement water tanks I am going to build. I know there are products to treat cured concrete so new concrete will "stick".

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