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  • Hi everyone I’m wondering if there are any dome architects out there?

  • @thequadfather I don’t know any. What I did was work out what I wanted - number and size of domes, orientation on the block, number of windows etc - then took it to a structural engineer who drew up plans and designed footings which would be acceptable to council’s planning dept. it’s taken a bit of too and fro, and was not cheap, but got there In the end.

  • @noni hi I know you might not want to share the costings but if you don’t mind let me know what the final cost for architecture council etc
    If you would rather not I understand and thank you for your advice

  • @thequadfather
    No problem! Engineering cost around $12,000 but council costs still to be finalised. Basically, because it’s a novel construction council is requiring three more inspections during construction which they want the engineer’s to undertake. Since the nearest structural engineer’s to Longreach are located in Gladstone that will take two flights to get here (a total of 12 airfares) plus about 3 days travel, accommodation and their fees). It will smash my budget and I’m waiting to hear if council will allow a local builder to do the inspections.
    Not sure yet the councik’s Final cost for DA approval as I asked for a variation after the first DA was approved.
    Sure as Domegaia says building the house will probably cost around $10,000, that doesn’t include engineers, footings (which has to be reinforced concrete because of the clay soil), plumbing etc.
    Hope this is of some use to you.

  • Thanks for the info you have shared. Would you mind elaborating on what was included in the engineering cost of $12 000? Looking forward to hearing what the council cost comes to, and what the total amount works out to be. Can you point us to any photos/videos of your build?

    I'm considering building in Adelaide.

  • @Kwagga the $12,000 was the engineer’s quote to provide drawings suitable for council approval. It consisted of site plan, footings, floor plans, elevations and conversion of existing pergola to kitchen and extension for a laundry. No other breakdown provided - a take it or leave it basis. The

  • @noni Ouch! Thanks sounds like a lot.

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