Cracking Aircrete

  • Hello we are trying to pour aircrete so we have 4"x8" x4' beams to be used for garden beds. We are having and issue with cracking. Does anyone have any suggestions? We have allowed the latest pour to cure for 7 days.

    Our mixture is 94lbs of Portland cement with 6 gallons of water followed by our foam that we increase the volume to ~50 gallons. Our foam weight is 3 oz. for 1 quart and we are using Dawn dish soap.

    Any help is appreciated

  • @Bridges
    Have you tried reinforcing the aircrete. Domegaia has structural reinforcing by covering the aircrete with fabric. So if you are casting the beams, line the moulds with a polyester fabric (I’m using 5mm bird netting) before the pour. It acts like an airfoil - where the struts are very bendy until fabric is laid over them and they become rigid.

  • @noni we have our forms, and we should use the APOC fabric to line the forms?

  • @Bridges I don’t know what APOC is, but if it is a strong porous fabric yes, give it a go- lone the firms before you pour, then wrap the ends over the top of the pour to seal the structure.

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