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  • Hello amazing people of the world. For some time I have been designing my dome with ideas from all over and I fell in love with Steve's dome, but I felt that my project needed to have a big impact in my community and my country ( Puerto Rico). I decided to create domes using trashed Plastic (PET) water bottles and Aircrete. My plan is to gather as many PET bottles as I can, fill them up with Aircrete and using them as bricks. I already started to fill the bottles with Aircrete and got to a very simple method which can fill a bottle in 4 seconds. I think I can fill thousands of bottles this way. After the bottles are filled I lay them upside down to dry and as you can guess there is some water accumulated in the cap and the neck of the bottle. My plan is to cut this part of the bottle with a saw and this will provide me with bricks that are all of the same length.

    I'm very excited about this project because I'm an ocean lover and I think this will have a big impact for the environment since I will be using thousands of PET bottles to create a structure rather than polluting the earth.

    If you have any recommendations on how I can improve my method I will be more than happy to analyze it with you guys and girls.

    I will post photos below soon.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • IMG_20190305_102634_01.jpg
    IMG_20190213_132800_2.jpg Drying them sideways was a mistake

  • Little Dragon Tamer

    Your plans seem very exciting to me. I will be following your methods. Please post as much as you can. I too hope to inspire others in community as I proceed with aircrete structures. Your method seems very applicable to building walls.
    I am thinking of a pole barn type structure with your pet bottle bricks as walls between post. Should be a stronger wall spanning say 8'. Alternatively forming up the space and pouring aircrete into it with some type of reinforcing.

  • Workshop Instructor

    @algares fantastic! water bottle aggregate that lasts 100s of years!

  • @anthonydjones thanks foe the feedback. I will try to keep posting! Got a bit lost at the end there.

  • @Ignacio-DHOME thanks!

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