35'Diameter, 2 level/story, Half Sphere Dome In Canada

  • I have so many questions but, I will limit them to a few for now. The easiest to start with is, has anyone built a dome around 35 feet in diameter and 17.5 feet high? Our thought is to build a free standing (not reliant on the dome to support the weight) log structure within the dome to build a second story for the home. We are also in Eastern Canada and have extreme cold in winters. What would the minimum thickness of the walls need to be for proper insulating factors as well as snow load? I was thinking 6 inches would be enough but wondered if they should be 8 inches..? Thoughts, concerns, questions, and gentle ridicule would all be appreciated. I am in love with this concept of building and the work that everyone is putting into this community.

    PS Is there any advantages/disadvantages to building in the shape of Dome Gaia style versus a half sphere? Thanking you all in advance.

  • @Kintore I’m looking forward to the replies on this one. A ten metre dome is something I too have been considering. In my case, the insulation is for the extreme heat of Australia, but the same logic applies.

  • Hello Kintore I am trying to build a 24' base dome on Vancouver Island but am having a major issue getting a building permit. They want an engineers approval of the drawings before they will accept it. Good Luck. Bob

  • Do none of the experts have any advise or opinions on this?

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