Hybrid earthbag/aircrete structure

  • We know aircrete is a good insulator, however, it lacks thermal mass. The ideal solution, IMO, would be a hybrid dome composed of the south facing (in NA) aspect made of earthbag for thermal mass, and the north facing aspect made of aircrete for insulation; or, alternatively, the front aspect being bag halfway around up to maybe 2-3 meters with south facing glazing directing light onto a thermal mass internally with the remainder aircrete. Has this approach been tried? Could they be tied together successfully? Just a thought.

  • @Foamdome It would depend on your location whether this would be a good idea. I'm in the Midwest USA, and due to our seasonal temperature extremes, focusing on an insulating sheath is the best bet. Internal thermal mass, such as having a mass heater, within that sheath is fine, particularly if it collects passive solar through South-facing windows. Thermal mass on the South wall might work as a trombe wall, though.

  • I don't know much about it. But I am interested in learning. Thank you!

  • It is a compact design that incorporates many aspects of sustainable architecture, including an attached solar greenhouse, a naturally cooled pantry, and the use of some natural, local materials!

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