Aircrete waterproof?

  • Hello guys, i'm building my home right now. i intend to use aircrete on my roof. i made a test in a 5 gal bucket. when ipoured water on the brick, it realley soaked up water, and made me wonder if i put it on my roof, will it prevent from going into my house. Right now my house, which is in Mexico at the north, Chihuahua; is made of . sheet metal. underneath i have giberglass as insulation. but i really want to have aircrete on it.

    I have to say, that just a day and a half passed to make the water test. how long does it need aircrete for curing?
    also, something bad happened in this test... my soap density was 60 grams per liter. i knew it was bad; still i needed to know what would happen. How critical is soap density?

    since im building this house from scrat, i would like to make a slab, but... since it will be traffic on the flooring... can i mix it with sand?
    here in Mexico, people are used to mix cement, rocks, sand and metal... this has been the recipe for a long time, and hasn't changed...
    What would you recommend?


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