Jamaica/beachfront - help for land! Help me build my dome, I’ll give you land and help you build yours!

  • Hi!
    Here’s a Once in A lifetime opportunity!

    I own beachfront property on the island of Jamaica. I have two separate lots with two separate titles. I own them outright.
    The property is level, and bordered by a fresh water river, across the street from a waterfall and perched on a black sand beach.
    The area is rural, safe and famous for high-end boutique tourism.

    Here is my offer:

    • Two lots - one lot is right on the sand and the second lot is pushed back a bit. There are no other homes on the property, so both homes are beachfront. Roughly 12,000sf each.

    • With your experience and labor, you and I (and a couple local helpers - 4people total) will build my dome house on the front lot. I will pay for all materials and additional labor.

    • In exchange, I will sign over the second lot to you ($50k value). I will then help you build your dome home on that lot. You would pay for your own materials and labor (both are cheap)

    • lastly, I will live on the property and run both homes as an exclusive Airbnb vacation rental whenever you’re not there. We will split the profit of both homes down the middle and you receive passive income ($500 - $800/night). (this is optional)

    I’m looking for:
    Someone who is experience and skilled.
    A partner in vision and skill.
    Someone easy to work with
    Someone who is prepared to rough it out for a bit for a great reward.
    Some interested in nature
    Someone open to pouring back into the local community through occasional educational trips for local school age children.

    My email:

  • Hi Arthur, Im currently training in Costa Rica. I would really like to talk about your project in more detail. Can you share some pictures of the lots, the exact location and time frame for your project?

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