Building in Arizona

  • @kayse Hello there, it’s great to read your enthusiasm regarding building with aircrete! Please send us an email and we can discuss building options or at very least give some advice. We’re based in California. Please check our profile for some of the work we do. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Talk soon,

  • No I’m just heard about it today .. but be great labor 🤗 Tucson Sedona so pretty .. I can offer labor it’s not much but I could offer labor ..

  • @susan

    Hi Susan, thank you so much for offering labor. My email is Let’s start a conversation via email.

    Thanks so much for reaching out,

    Kayse 😊🌈

  • @kayse
    Hi Kayse, this is Eternity, it’s great to meet you, and to hear you are looking to build in Sedona!! Sedona is by far my favorite place in the West, as I have visited many times, and would love to relocate there!

    I am an Interior Designer, artist/photographer and empathic lightworker, looking to build an aircrete dome home community on ley line land. I am currently looking into taking online aircrete classes, but also prefer hands on. I’m highly interested in creative collaboration and would love to talk to you more about the possibilities of helping each other build in beautiful Sedona area.

    Light and Love!!!
    (810) 813-4728

  • @Eternity
    Hi Eternity,

    Thank you so much for responding to my aircrete request. I will send you a text and we can begin connecting.

    In gratitude for this forum so that we can all share information, learn and connect.


  • @kayse
    Hello Kayse,

    I am planning a trip out to Sedona next week, we would love to connect with you! Wondering if you are available to meet up and show the land you want to build on?

    Exciting times are happening!!

    Light and Love,

  • @Eternity


    Sounds fun 🌟

    Yes, I would have enjoyed showing you the land and sharing it with you. However we will not be in town.

    Have a fabulous time exploring in the area

    Happy day🌸

  • Kayse,
    I live in Prescott. I just ordered the mixer from Domegaia and plan to build the foam machine to practice making 12x12x6 blocks. The goal is to present some samples to an engineer to begin bridging the legalities of building with aircrete in Yavapai County.
    I am looking for some off grid land every day, and plan to build a couple of 20' domes.
    Let me know what's up!

    Greg Stephens
    928 776-0791

  • Greg ,

    My name susan got your message too. I heard Wilcox has no code land near portage safford area .. Arizona can be strict here is a blog data site people know all no codes land is if it helps. Good luck on your dome project ..I’m looking at Wyoming.. but Texas is the best large areas no code no septic no codes 0% only closer you are to a major city I was offered $23,000.00 3.5 acres two wells power etc no codes area populated I need snow these days all my life sun now flip over to snow ..


    Regards ,

  • @sofarsoggood

    Hi Greg, I am very inspired and encouraged to hear that you’re going to be working with the building/codes/permits...

    I will reach out to you via text or email.

    In gratitude for your contribution to increase Arizona’s awareness about Aircrete.


  • @kayse Look forward to conversations...I am currently looking for off grid land. I am rooted in Prescott, so for now, it will be in the area. Greg

  • Here Greg ,

    Your mail came to my box I trully do believe you find what you are looking for and extra hold the image on your mind and it will Manafest.

    Here 30 acres near your location off grid can’t wait to see like more dome home dwellers. Mine be in Wyoming ☺️

  • @sofarsoggood


    Hello Greg,

    I saw this YouTube of guy creating his dome aircrete home.. it’s my dream dome home native Indian my husband airforce colonel died. All places lived so unhappy homes condos townhomes etc round aircrete home its great happy place I want peace happy place being Widow there no places for widows to be in community I’m taking too people military base they set place for widows to live at.. im going Wyoming it’s peaceful get to my roots Indian. Dome home.. 🤗.. I help people Witt there dome homes be a builder too in future help people build labor best place to learn dome homes. .


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