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  • Greg ,

    My name susan got your message too. I heard Wilcox has no code land near portage safford area .. Arizona can be strict here is a blog data site people know all no codes land is if it helps. Good luck on your dome project ..I’m looking at Wyoming.. but Texas is the best large areas no code no septic no codes 0% only closer you are to a major city I was offered $23,000.00 3.5 acres two wells power etc no codes area populated I need snow these days all my life sun now flip over to snow ..


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  • @sofarsoggood

    Hi Greg, I am very inspired and encouraged to hear that you’re going to be working with the building/codes/permits...

    I will reach out to you via text or email.

    In gratitude for your contribution to increase Arizona’s awareness about Aircrete.


  • @kayse Look forward to conversations...I am currently looking for off grid land. I am rooted in Prescott, so for now, it will be in the area. Greg

  • Here Greg ,

    Your mail came to my box I trully do believe you find what you are looking for and extra hold the image on your mind and it will Manafest.

    Here 30 acres near your location off grid can’t wait to see like more dome home dwellers. Mine be in Wyoming ☺️

  • @sofarsoggood


    Hello Greg,

    I saw this YouTube of guy creating his dome aircrete home.. it’s my dream dome home native Indian my husband airforce colonel died. All places lived so unhappy homes condos townhomes etc round aircrete home its great happy place I want peace happy place being Widow there no places for widows to be in community I’m taking too people military base they set place for widows to live at.. im going Wyoming it’s peaceful get to my roots Indian. Dome home.. 🤗.. I help people Witt there dome homes be a builder too in future help people build labor best place to learn dome homes. .


  • I have been in a different forum seeking out workshops, and this sounds like a great potential place for either hosting one or even just recruiting willing hands! I am an AZ native (graduated HS in Mesa), lived in Flag while I earned a Masters, and now live in KC. All my immediate family’s still out there, however, and I have friends who I visit regularly in Sedona whenever I visit family. Point is, I’m sure I’m not along in hoping you can open-book your search/research process and journey and serve as a leader via your experience in both navigating AZ’s tricky code system & embarking on this journey. I know Susan mentioned some no-code land, but some of our professions and interests don’t allow for us to live quite as isolated (yet). If you choose to blog about it elsewhere, please let us know—I’d love to follow your story!

  • @treblerebel I believe I will be indeed building (when I find property) in Yavapai county in Arizona. I am about to connect with a concrete engineer and get his help in running this thru the county. I have built the foam generator and forms and have already begun making 12x12x6 blocks. When I get some solid feed back regarding county info I will post the results. I am also looking around at the interest in this area and seeing if a joint effort for hosting a Domegaia workshop could happen in the area. Thanks, Greg

  • Hi Greg, I am inspired and encouraged to read your latest email. We have land in the Rimrock area with a gorgeous long distant red rock view. There is still land for sale in that area and it seems to be less expensive. We have started to meet the neighbors and it seems like a really sweet and supportive community.

    Our dear friend Maggie has bought land right next to us and we would enjoy meeting you and exploring possibilities. We will be on the land July 18 through about the 25th. Thank you sooo much for opening up this new frontier and navigating the codes and permits. Feel free to call or text - Cheers, Kayse 501-767-8642

  • @sofarsoggood

    Hi Greg,

    I thought we had connected before and just now reading your previous post. And also remembering that you are rooted in Prescott. Would enjoy connecting when I’m in Arizona if that timing works for you. Cheers - Kayse

  • Workshop Instructor

    @Nate_D Hi Nate,
    My name is Ignacio. I am a builder looking for projects on the Domegaia forum. I live in Cali also. we should talk for support and acquaintance purposes. There may be some way we can collaborate at some time. Give me a call...

  • @kayse would be interested in helping/learning, if you get a project going. I could winter over in AZ to escape the Minnesota winter.

  • @sofarsoggood I would be interested in helping out. Future plans is to relocate from cold Minnesota to AZ.

  • I would be interested in assisting! I completed the domegaia WS in Tulum

  • Hi everyone,
    We just spent 5 days camping on the land and love it even more. The deep quiet and expansive views are stunning. We have full sunrises and sunsets as the land is on a gentle sloping rim. Love waking with the sunrise.

    We are deeply touched and encouraged by all of your generous offers to help. After long soul searching hours and many conversations with the building department and local contractors, we decided to hire a contractor to build a small home. We want to move to the land and then look into building a guest home dome and eventually a meditation dome. Hopefully by then Greg will have the Air Crete blocks accepted by the building dept. Honestly, the extensive codes in Yavapai County were overwhelming to navigate and owner builders have to live in the area. We currently live out of state.

    Let's stay in touch as this continues to unfold. We appreciate this community and look forward to hearing the updates from Greg and others who are working with the building department.

    Greg, I send you much gratitude and grace as you continue navigating the codes.

    blessings to all,

  • @kayse congratulations!

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